Friday Pins: Cozy Fireplaces

December 2, 2016



it is 4:00 and dark and darn cold. this dark and cold thing has me wanting to curl up by a fireplace…sadly, our fireplace is broken at the moment. what is a girl to do? try to warm up by gazing upon pretty fireplace pins on pinterest obviously.

a plethora of cozy fireplaces!


the brick house


the style files


my scandinavian home


queensland home




apt. 34




an eclectic eccentric


styled by emily henderson

cozy right? actually, not at all…perhaps i need to pin more lit fireplaces?

xo mrs. french

Blissful Corners: Baskets

December 1, 2016

rikke graff juel

hello friends, so happy to be back with you today to share another blissful corners post. as mentioned previously, corners have recently become my thing. why? simply because breaking life into pieces is so much easier than tackling the whole picture; this has been a shift for me and has trickled down into my home as well. corners are so much more attainable than tackling a vast space. it really is nice to see a corner come together…which is often followed by a sense of accomplishment. one corner leads to another and before you know it a room takes shape.

a few weeks ago i started a series on bliss detailing items that can help to build a beautiful corner. i started with vintage art and this week i am moving onto baskets. baskets are a beautiful way to warm up a corner and often times can be an economical addition to a space.

here are some blissful corners that know how to showcase a basket…or actually baskets that help to showcase a corner…
piano babyccino

milkdecoration_caravanepalace_02 milk decoration

sfdfbc4a41318e843d598314c8109d3c4d9 coco lapine design

img_3245 avenue lifestyle

a beautiful mess

img_3101avenue lifestyle

i have also taken the time to compile a few baskets i have had an eye on…

click to shop:

xo mrs. french

Instagram Favorites Wishlist Vol. 4

December 1, 2016


  1. kathleen whitaker tourmaline stick pin
  2. micaela greg beret
  3. this is totem pom pom blanket
  4. mt. washington pottery peace bell

day 4 maybe my favorite day of all. i hope you love it as much as i do.

xo mrs. french

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