Sessún Spring-Summer 2017

February 23, 2017

as you know, i have never been a fan of winter…this one, in particular, has been brutal. finally, i am beginning to see glimpses of spring around the corner. needless to say, i am embracing it fully. if i had my way i would want my spring/summer to look a bit like this…

sessún spring-summer 2017 embodies the cool, effortless, timeless style i strive for…

xo mrs. french

Blissful Corners: Modern Portraits

February 22, 2017


it seems as if everywhere i turn i am faced with beautiful interiors dressed up in beautiful vintage portraits. i, of course, love a gorgeous vintage portrait as much as the next girl but lately i feel as if the new is outshining the old. i am completely enamored with the modern portraits i have been encountering on pinterest and etsy as of late. which is why i had to dedicate this blissful corners post to a few of the artists i am admiring at the moment…i am humbled, to say the least.

i also thought it important to share a few gorgeous corners decked out in the new standard for portraits.

the fig house

by tezza

fresh ideen

elizabeth mayville

tush tush

hayley mitchell

kai samuel davis

lisa golightly

amanda blake

emily winfield martin

clare elsaesser

xo mrs. french

My Happy Place: A Nantes Loft

February 21, 2017

i have fantasies about types of homes we have yet to reside in. as a young girl i have vivid memories of longing to life in a big old loft one day…preferably surrounded by concrete and city parks. i have also made it known on bliss that i love the idea of moving into an older building that actually had no intention of becoming a home: a church, school, factory, etc.

this home checks both boxes perfectly. this loft was once a tannery in the city of nantes, france. i love how it remains rustic, yet is completely modern. these walls also house some of the most amazing artwork i have seen…i love the gallery walls alongside the solo statement pieces.

xo mrs. french

source côté maison

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