Jennifer Ament

January 17, 2018

it was love at first sight. i glimpsed this print via the ever talented kate la vie and i was gone. i had to find the artist responsible for this simple, yet extremely powerful illustration. jennifer ament. jennifer is a painter and print maker out of seattle and the contrast between her paintings and prints is blatantly obvious…although, i do believe i love them both the same. do take the time to peruse her paintings as well.

at the moment, i am particularly drawn to her prints. in the current state of our world who doesn’t long to shoot power from our fingertips or break glass to find just the right words? now i just need to decide which one or three i need to remind me.

xo mrs. french


Reath Design: Ojai Country House

January 16, 2018

shhhhhhh. this post is a bit of a secret. i say “secret” because it is so good that i sort of want to keep it all to myself. i found a treasure and i am not sure i am ready to share. haha. actually, one of my favorite people introduced me to reath design and i have to believe she felt the same way i did. “special” does not begin to describe the amount of magic reath design creates.

the toughest part of this post was choosing just one reath beautiful home to share. this ojai country home is my current favorite. where do i start? the bedroom with that bed, blanket (similar here), and beaded tieback. the bathroom with the best shower doors i have ever seen, marble sink, and hemp bath mat…ok, all of it right?

xo mrs. french


I am here.

January 8, 2018

hi, hi, beautiful readers…i am here. i do believe that this maybe the longest i have stayed away from my beloved blog. i am simply untangling a few thoughts. i have been eager to change things up for awhile now…i feel as if i maybe close to sharing with all of you what i have been thinking…i will keep you posted.

in the mean time, there is this. these words from this woman mean everything. i am sure you have all seen it…watch it again. watch it with your girlfriends and daughters…actually watch it with the men in your life as well.

back so soon,

xo mrs. french

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