Friday Pins: Warmth

August 18, 2017

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what have i been pinning lately? well, it appears that i have been busy pinning warmth. follow the numbers below the collage to pin away and to find where these images reside. i do hope your weekend is as lovely as can be!

xo mrs. french

Craving Calm

August 16, 2017

in light all the chaos that has been swirling all around i crave calm. this small, monochromatic space encompasses all i have in mind. the gallery wall, built in shelving and light fixtures speak loudly to me, in a completely quiet way.

the trenches are heading out for the night to a magical little spot…i can’t wait to share.

lucky for you this stockholm apartment is for sale on fantastic frank. if you are lucky enough to acquire it, call me…i will bring tea.

xo mrs. french

via hege in france

My Happy Place: Silverlake Kitchen Remodel

August 15, 2017

“obsessed” is truly too mild of a word to describe my love for this silverlake remodel designed by la based amy sklar. lately, i have been feeling a bit low when it comes to inspiration taken from interiors (you may have been able to tell by my sporadic posts). i feel as if it has been a bit of the same or has been overly shared. i have actually been feeling it in my own interior as well. then i happen upon this! leave it to rue and amy to pull me from my inspiration coma. haha!

where to start? to me, nothing is as expected, but exactly as it should be. the black windows and hardware are just different enough and i love the ideas of dark kitchen shelving instead of the natural i have grown accustomed to. the only thing i can take issue with is not being able to see the remainder of the home…sigh…

xo mrs. french

via rue

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