Interior Photos with a Soul: Julie Pointer Adams

September 21, 2017

those of you who have spent anytime around me know that i have a passion for beautiful home interiors and stunning photography…so you imagine how i feel when these two things come together. such is the case with the interior photos taken by julie pointer adams. gasp-worthy. julie gives the homes she photographs a soul. which goes back to the need for imperfect perfection in the spaces we call “home.”

then there is the whole business with the light…not always the brightest, but always the best. i love the streams that trickle in creating shadows and twinkly patches here and there. this inconsistent light is what i try to chase in my own home and on occasion conjure up a chill.

these homes appear welcoming to those other than the lucky dwellers…

oh and did i mention there is a book? julie pointer adams and her husband ryan shot all the photographs for the book wabi sabi welcome and i am clamoring to get a copy.

xo mrs. french

My Happy Place: This Linger-worthy Apartment

September 20, 2017

how can something so quiet and lovely speak to me so loudly? this minimalist new york apartment is exactly what i am craving today. of course, i didn’t know it until i saw it. finding just the right material for my posts is never an easy task…everything has been seen, done, or previously adored.

today, rather than peruse until my brain hurts i decided to go with my initial pause. when i came across this home in architectural digest, i paused, clicked and lingered…decision made.

xo mrs. french

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I heart…

September 18, 2017

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what!? two lists in a row! i rarely have it together enough to post a list on monday…what can i say? today i am on it! perhaps it is the change of season, or the smoke-free sky for the first time in forever? regardless of the reason, i am inspired. you can definitely see the fall spilling over onto this list and i like it!

xo mrs. french

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