August 25, 2016


a few weeks back on the oregon coast we spent big chunk of our time collecting shells, stones and other bits of nature…this is actually, one of my very favorite things to do with my children; growing collections of all types of natural bits and pieces.

which is why i was so happy to find still. still is a blog that consists of stunning photographs taken by mary jo hoffman of items she collects daily.

perdrix-rouge-feathers fennel-and-snails-mjh quail-egg hydrangea-blossoms-3b wood-cuttings-2 cecropia-moth-wings-2 gone-to-fluff

i am pretty sure i rarely find and collect things this good.

xo mrs. french

Jenni Kayne’s Living Room

August 24, 2016


fashion designer jenni kanye partnered with one kings lane for a living room redo and of course, i am a fan. i am so all about a living space that is beautiful and functional and of course comfortable. i also love happening upon a space that is truly all about what i am trying to do at them moment in my own space…almost like innocent cheating…also known as home inspiration.




xo mrs. french

Susan Ashworth 2016

August 23, 2016


i love peeking in on my favorite artists from time to time…my favorite visit as of late has been the most recent works of susan ashworth.

her previous pieces are truly beautiful as well…if you need a nice break in the afternoon spend some time exploring all of susan’s work…





xo mrs. french

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