My Happy Place: Anywhere Warmer Than Oregon…and This Porto Home.

April 25, 2017

it’s official…the weather this spring is officially bumming me out. which is why today’s happy place had to involve traveling to warmer, sunnier places. this home in porto will do quite nicely…

i also love a home that appears to be one thing from one angle and a completely different thing when you pass through the front door, or from another outdoor angle. of course, sunny cement tiles and acapulco chairs can’t hurt.

xo mrs. french

via aestate 

architects depA, margarida leitão

I ♡ …

April 24, 2017

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goodness! i cannot believe we are at the end of april already! as always, loved compiling this list today…is it weird that if it’s on the list, i feel like i should already have it?

oh, how i wish…

xo mrs. french


April 21, 2017

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sometimes a gal just needs to finish the week with a ton of inspiration. of all of my social media accounts my tumblr is the one that i may neglect the most. today i popped over to my tumblr and i was pleasantly surprised by all the beauty i found myself surrounded by…i had to share.

have a lovely weekend!

xo mrs. french

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