November 30, 2009

do you know sam?  i am sure most of you do.  if not, you are in for such a special treat.  sam is the lovely gal behind the most wonderful block-printed housewares and accessories, inklore.  i stumble into sam everywhere and even before i read the words to go with the pictures i know each and every perfect item sam made.  she stands out in the best way…

she stands out quietly.

i honestly love it all.  i could never pick one, but if i had to choose i would base it on practicality…i need the simplicity apron in canvas.  i finally realized why all of my pretty tees were coming up with wee holes in the mid-section…i think sarah may have figured it out.  the friction from my icky tile countertops is to blame(typical mrs. french tangent)…this apron is just what i need and so pretty i won’t mind wearing it all the time.  inklore is pretty and practical…isn’t it too wonderful when that happens…
you can see the time, heart, thoughfulness sam puts into each and everyone of her inklore pieces.  i can’t think of a better reason to put them on your gift list…actually, i can’t think of a better gift to give.
thank you sam.  you make everthing a bit nicer…xo mrs. french

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