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sarah & bendrix…hint, hint, hint!

January 27, 2010

i am thinking you may remember the lovely veronika’s home. i still go back to the photos quite often because i love it that much. veronika has a little company called sarah & bendrix and i love it just as much as i love her home.

i decided to wait a bit before formally introducing you because i wanted to wait until just the right moment…today is it. as my favorite holiday approaches i can’t think of a better valentine than one of the lovely s&b’s little masterpieces.

i would love a wall full of them. this is, yet again, a huge hint of a post for my beloved mr. french. i guarantee he will not pick up on its blatancy. i am thinking at this point i should really push for b to read..perhaps i would have better luck with the smaller of the french men. xo mrs. french

my happy place: amy neunsinger photography

January 26, 2010

it’s not right to showcase the lovely home of amy neunsinger without showcasing her photography as well. to me, they go together…

you can clearly see that the magnificent eye is the same…i guess you could say that it is offically amy neunsinger day here on bliss and isn’t it wonerful? xo mrs. french

my happy place: amy neunsinger’s home

January 26, 2010

my jaw nearly hit the floor when i happened upon this home in this month’s house beautiful magazine. i love absolutely everything about it. it really is no surprise at all that it belongs to one of my favorite photographers, amy neunsinger. her impeccable eye is responsible for one of my all-time-favorite happy places…

i can’t stop staring and the beauty is that i don’t have to…xo mrs. french

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