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gwyneth’s temporary abode….

May 28, 2010

i have a bit of a thing for ms. gwyneth paltrow…i feel the need to come clean. actually, i will admit it, sometimes i like to pretend we are friends and we have long discussions about our children, my crush on her husband and ideas regarding fashion and interior design.  now that you know i am a little quirky (ok, maybe a lot)…i had to share her temporary accommodations while making a movie in nashville.  let’s just say that annette joseph (the designer behind all of this perfection) is an absolute genius…
amazing right?  the children’s accommodations and fuchsia walls are killing me!
xo mrs. french

enjoy the long weekend!  see you all on tuesday!!! xoxo

lou o’ bedlam

May 27, 2010

over and over again i have been drawn to his stream on flickr…lou o’ bedlam never fails to stop me dead in my tracks.  all of his work is absolute perfection.  he takes a beautiful woman and turns her into something that does not seem real…nothing so stunning could be…

i am such a fan, you have no idea.  capturing people through a lens is still such an unknown to me…i am amazed by those who can do it so much better than everyone else.  xo mrs. french

blissful inspiration…

May 27, 2010

“love”…blissful inspirationsfgirbybay….xo mrs. french

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