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kitchen lighting

June 30, 2010

we have a way to go in our kitchen remodel before we think of lighting, but i like to be prepared.  of course, some of these have a greater chance of becoming reality than others, but boy is it fun to shop!
(click on the stars to find the sources) 
i love to have options…i would love to hear your suggestions or check out some links you may have as well. xo mrs. french

my happy place: turnbull griffin haesloop architects

June 29, 2010

remodeling an older home can be trying…especially when one undertakes such a task without much aid from others.  as many of you know, casa french is in the midst of such a project.

during times such as these, i turn to modern architecture.  it is my escape.  there is something particularly soothing about, new clean lines, fresh drywall, level floors and countertops…just about everything transports me to my happy place.  

which is why i am so in love with the portfolio of turnbull griffin haesloop architects:

an added bonus is that if our classic home should crumble around us, we now have an architect.  xo mrs. french

periwinkle bloom’s summer solstice sale

June 29, 2010

i love tyler.  most of you know her, if not, you really should.  tyler is the founder and creator of periwinkle bloom the sweetest organic, 100% cotton, homegrown, children’s clothing line.  needless to say, i am a fan.  an added bonus is that she is an incredible person, with such an amazing eye.  her clothing for tiny friends is nothing short of dreamy and there is a sale!!!

each lovely item posted above is a sale item…hurry! before someone else snatches them up!
xo mrs.f rench

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