Entries from November 2010

i heart tuesday.

November 30, 2010

oh my, i really do….i heart, i heart, i heart!!!
 i heart this wool fleece jacket.
 i heart this wall sconce.
 i heart these leg warmers.
 i heart this tiny art.
 i heart this boot.
 i heart this sofa.
 i heart this photograph so much.
 i heart this necklace.
i heart this “beautiful sleep” poster.
 i heart these clutches.
 i heart this cardigan.
 i heart this rack.
i heart this hobo.
 i heart these vases.
 i heart this jacket.
 i heart these shoes.
 i heart this scarf.
 i heart this cabinet.
 i heart this card set.
 i heart this lamp.
 i heart this necklace.
i heart this tee.

have a blissful afternoon my dears! xo mrs. french

wordless holiday

November 29, 2010

for those of you who have known me for awhile, you may remember my “wordless weekend” posts.  well, i have decided to do a bit of a come-back here today…this holiday weekend was too photogenic not to.  i am happy to be back in my portland.  however, my boys wish we would have stayed in wintery bend…

i will be back tomorrow with a cosy list…until then, have some cocoa and enjoy your day!  
xo mrs. french


November 26, 2010

psssst…a winner!  congrats dear lauren montanaro norster!!!  you have won the blue hour burst ring!  the perfect way to start the weekend, don’t you think?  xo mrs. french

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