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wee wednesday: anna walker

March 30, 2011

i often times have daydreams about what it would be like to be an illustrator of children’s books.  i can’t think of a more lovely profession.  i would love to insert myself into a world of magical lands, whimsical characters and fantastic tales.  sadly, this could never be the case since i have absolutely no talent when it comes to illustrating anything…drawing with b consists of stick figures and lots of balloons.  which is why i choose to admire beautiful children’s book illustrators from the outside.  one of my very, very favorite is anna walker.

many of you are probably familiar with anna and her beautiful books and for those of you who aren’t it is my pleasure to introduce you…

anna lives in melbourne and has been illustrating children’s books since 2007…she has stolen my heart with her precious work.  she also makes me realize that i should definitely continue to admire from the outside…which, of course, is my pleasure.  xo mrs. french

my happy place…

March 29, 2011

west elm summer 2011 by ditte isager

if this doesn’t have you dying for summer, i don’t know what will…made my day. thank you miss karine for showing me this.

i think i will watch it again…

xo mrs. french

i heart monday.

March 28, 2011

hello friends…i was so sad to send my little b back to school today…i absolutely love having him around and so does miss lu.  this list was a nice way to take my mind off the lonely quiet.  i hope you all had a lovely weekend…

i heart this curtain.

i heart this top.

i heart this towel.

i heart these target=”_blank”gladiators.

i heart this lamp (pinned here first).

i heart this ring.

i heart this wallet.


i heart this skirt.


i heart this lamp.

i heart this bikini.

i heart this little jar.

i heart this dress.

i heart this cake stand.

i heart these lowriders.

i heart this necklace.

i heart this throw.

i heart this pot holder.

i heart this blouse.


i heart these peep toes.

i heart this dress.

xo mrs. french

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