i heart monday.

April 9, 2012

oooooh friends, i am addicted.  i mentioned earlier today that i refound instagram and i can’t get off!  goodness!  so fun to show bits and pieces of my little day.  would love to see you there!  my username is blissblog.  

now on to the important stuff…i am dying to have each and everything on my list today!  i hope you feel the very same…

i heart this dress.

i heart these chairs.

i heart this sunglasses.

i heart these wedges.

i heart this dress.

i heart this rug.

i heart this vase.

i heart this pillow.

i heart this beach print.

i heart this jacket.

i heart this mirror.

i heart this ring.

i heart this sweater.

i heart these wedges too.

i heart this top.

i heart these morse coded necklaces.

i heart this bag.

i heart this shelf.

i heart this top.

i love you all so darn much i may have to start posting twice a day again…just a thought!  xo mrs. french

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  • Melissa de la Fuente

    Ooh….I heart, heart, heart this whole list darlin! Starting with that gorgeous green bag, white moto jacket and adorable wedges ( both pairs) Don't we both have the frye ones that look like that yellow pair? Can't wait to bring those back out! 🙂
    Hope you are well, my friend. So glad you are on instagram! 🙂

  • tere

    I <3 your findings! Always inspiring! Thanks!

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