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grown-up and perfect

April 30, 2013

this afternoon i thought i would share a beautiful, completely grown-up space…

designer kathleen clements designed this hollywood hills residence and i am not sure it could be more perfect or pristine…

xo mrs. french

a green home

April 30, 2013

bliss has been around for a long time.  i have covered a large amount of topics and shortcomings…however, i am not sure i have ever properly explained the coal black thumb i possess when it comes to plants of all types.  which is why i am always so, so in awe of homes with green and leafy (or in the case of cacti, poky) goodness scattered throughout.

so you can imagine how awestruck i was when i stumbled into landscape designer, giuseppe baldi’s beautiful country home in Elle Decoration UK

the best part is in the written description: “from my windowi look out onto an ancient garden and the rolling fields and vineyards beyond.”

so, so dreamy…

xo mrs. french

via elle decoration UK

photos: fabrizio cicconi

styling: francesca davoli

i heart monday.

April 29, 2013

i am not going to lie…i have been in a bit of a slump lately. Today is different…big wonderful things on the horizon blissful readers!

i heart this moon and stars (and i heart their creator even more).

i heart this dress.

i heart this coaster.

i heart this bed.

i heart this bracelet.

i heart this shirt.

i heart this bag.

i heart this rug.

i heart this wedge.

i heart this necklace.

i heart this sweater.


i heart these pencils.

i heart this botanical chart.

i heart this pot.

i heart this sweatshirt.

i heart this obsidian necklace.

i heart this mosaic tiled coffee table.

i heart this skirt.

i heart this cabinet.

i heart this bangle.

i heart these cloths.

happy day sweetest readers!

xo mrs. french

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