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keri russell’s impeccable style

February 28, 2014

as a woman that is certainly beyond her 20’s you would think that i would have figured out the image that i would hope to put forth into the world.  funny thing is, my so-called image at this point mainly consists of pjs and stretchy gym clothes.  i have now decided at this point the best way to hone in on what i want to wear and how i want to present myself is by finding gals that i look at and think “this is the look i want!”  we all have gals we look up to style-wise;  for me, today, that someone is keri russell.  i have been a fan since the felicity days, and now i am a fan because she seems as if she has come into her own beautifully…

comfy, chic, and beautiful.  i can get behind that.  

have a lovely weekend!

this slideshow via elle inspired this post…thank you emma for leading me there!

todd hido’s landscapes

February 28, 2014

the work of photographer todd hido stirs up something in me so strong.  the funny thing is that i can’t put my finger on exactly that is…maybe serenity, maybe loneliness, maybe a little bit of fear?  the beauty of magnificent art is that you really don’t have to explain it…it’s the can’t-take-my-eyes-off-of-it part that is truly important…

that can’t camera of mine has been inactive for entirely too long…i can’t decide if these landscapes make we want to grab it right this very second or never touch it again (no point considering it’s all right here).  

xo mrs. french

wee wednesday With Lindsay of Darling Clementine | A Vintage Tribute from Bobo Choses

February 26, 2014

Spring & Summer is around the corner, we’ve almost made it friends! 

To celebrate the coming seasons I’m bringing you my favorites from the Bobo Choses Spring/Summer collection. This season their focus is an ode to the past, full of bright colors, pop culture references & whimsical imagery. These and more are available at Darling Clementine. Enjoy… 

All photos can link to here – http://www.darlingclementineshop.com/Bobo-Choses

Xx Lindsey

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