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mike perry’s garden project

September 30, 2015


i am drawn to photographs i can feel. this is especially true of environments…photography that centers on an place i can close my eyes and place myself in; i love to imagine the feel, smells, colors…all of it. mike perry is that type of photographer that places me in his photos in the most vivid of ways.

all of his environments speak to me, however, his garden project speaks the loudest…




xo mrs. french

The Home of Elisa Restrepo Presented by Mother

September 29, 2015


no surprise this home belongs to 1/2 of one of my favorite shoe design duos; this home belongs to elisa restrepo of dieppa restrepo and i am in such awe.

20150812_KishaBari_ElisaRestrepo-189 20150812_KishaBari_ElisaRestrepo-60 20150812_KishaBari_ElisaRestrepo-612 20150812_KishaBari_ElisaRestrepo-631 20150812_KishaBari_ElisaRestrepo-681 20150812_KishaBari_ElisaRestrepo-96 20150812_KishaBari_ElisaRestrepo-7920150812_KishaBari_ElisaRestrepo-10520150812_KishaBari_ElisaRestrepo-91 20150812_KishaBari_ElisaRestrepo-130 20150812_KishaBari_ElisaRestrepo-137 20150812_KishaBari_ElisaRestrepo-138 20150812_KishaBari_ElisaRestrepo-1801 20150812_KishaBari_ElisaRestrepo-129 20150812_KishaBari_ElisaRestrepo-203 20150812_KishaBari_ElisaRestrepo-240 20150812_KishaBari_ElisaRestrepo-202 20150812_KishaBari_ElisaRestrepo-215 20150812_KishaBari_ElisaRestrepo-228 20150812_KishaBari_ElisaRestrepo-2181

this space is a breath of fresh air.

is it odd that a space can also have me longing for recently departed summer…sigh…oh and then there is this yearning i suddenly have for really beautiful shoes…this house, i tell ya.

xo mrs. french

via mother photographed by kisha bari

Beautifully Curated and Presented: The Future Kept

September 28, 2015


oh my. i simply want to crawl into the future kept. a shop “nestled on the southern coast of england” that simply tells the story of each and every item better than most.

The Future Kept is a purveyor of well designed, durable, meticulously chosen goods for you to cherish and keep.

-The Future Kept

Pretty perfect right?

house-of-rym-go-heavenly-honeycomb-pink-throw-2 uashmama-grey-paper-bags-unique-paper-eco-home-storage-solutions trevor-ablett-british-made-pocket-knife-english-oak-handle-clippoint-4 british-made-wool-cobweave-blanket-tweedmill-styled-1 uashmama-metallic-gold-ladies-purse-styled tweedmill-british-made-wool-illusion-throw-made-in-wales-1 ceramic-coffee-dripper-home-brew-v60-made-in-the-uk-4_a734d9dc-c77f-4186-8ca2-939e3ff604ea hand-woven-ikat-jute-tote-bag-styled house-of-rym-cover-me-up-heavenly-honeycomb-cushion-cover-grey-3 amelie-mancini-pennant-grey-au-clair-de-la-lune-1 sail-leather-keyring-made-in-england-2 hand-dyed-indigo-cushions-made-in-the-uk-3 vintage-fabric-banner-made-in-the-uk-cherish-and-keep-1_bf5081c6-7ba5-49b2-bfeb-42dbd3dd5f9d

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetspalted-beech-chopping-board-made-in-the-uk_cd5e80d7-7019-429e-a674-a1ccc7f8d1a4 forest-and-found-indigo-hand-stitched-sashiko-thread-1-1

perhaps there is enough room for you to live there as well.

the future kept, needless to say, is a mrs. french favorite.

xo mrs. french

p.s. bonus! the future kept ships to the us.

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