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October 30, 2015

Willy-Ronis-paris-photos-chats-e1429716447577photo: willy ronis

slacker alert…things are way too halloweeny round these parts to properly post.

i do hope you and yours have a delightfully spooky weekend.

xo mrs. french

Fuzzy Fall

October 29, 2015


i have plenty of coats…the mister would scoff if i were to declare i needed another. which is why it pains me to tell you all i believe i may need another coat…not just any coat, a fuzzy one. street style images like these do not help.

i can’t help it, i long to be surrounded in teddy fur.

these are my faves at the moment…

it’s not my fault…

xo mrs. french

Coclico…again and again…

October 28, 2015


oh coclico why do you have to be so good…season after season my love grows…

i am a little obsessed with more than a few that are available right now…my all-time fave? the talini boot…i had completely forgotten how much i appreciate a lug-sole…edgy, comfortable, versatile and perfect for fall moving into winter…


actually, i think they all may be favorites…the talini just happens to be my very own at the moment. what’s next? i don’t think i can choose one.

xo mrs. french

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