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Montauk Beach House by Space Exploration

May 24, 2016


space exploration is an architecture and design firm out of new york city and i absolutely love what they do. this montauk beach house i the perfect example of why that is…just when i think i am over white? right? i am beginning to think it’s here to stay. especially when it is snazzed up with wood and black.

i also find it funny how many somtimes-homes, i want to make my all the time home…

montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-2montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-3 montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-5 montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-6 montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-8 montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-8b

montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-14-600x900montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-8c montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-9 montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-10 montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-12 montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-16 montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-15 montauk-beach-house-space-exploration-17

i have to scroll through this one a few more times…

xo mrs. french

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I Heart Monday…

May 23, 2016

Monday collage

  1. bower swim one piece
  2. jesse kamm sailor pant
  3. dwell studio coffee table
  4. beklina pom pom basket
  5. ulla johnson birdie top
  6. ulla johnson emmanuelle dress
  7. beek…heron sandals
  8. alexis russell asymmetrical ring
  9. star mela top
  10. alder & co. navy camy dress
  11. caroline z hurley pillow
  12. west elm planter
  13. wwake earrings
  14. bryr studio clogs
  15. alicia bock photograph
  16. heath single stem vase

happy monday friends, how long has it been? if you ask me, it has been too long since i last shared a monday list with all of you. i am hoping this one more than makes up for the lapse. i also hope wherever you are, your week is off to a fantastic start.

xo mrs. french

When I Grow Up I Want To Dress Just Like This…Courtney Trop.

May 21, 2016


i remember years ago having a discussion with my sister…it was something about acknowledging the fact that i dress as well as the next girl, but i want to be one of those gals; the type of gal that puts the unpredictable together and it simply comes out fabulous. often times i feel like when i try to arrange an unexpected outfit it comes out clownish. i also think that knowing ones limitations is a true gift. ha!

in case you haven’t noticed courtney trop of always judging is one of “those girls.” obviously, with the face on this one, she could probably get by in just about anything…however, the real bonus is the fact that she chooses to dress up that face in really great unexpected attire.

although i am pretty sure i am years older than ms. courtney, i want to dress a bit more like her when i grow up…

MG_3364 Nili-Lotan-vintage-green-sweater-2 Fox-and-Bond-16 RUMI-White-Choker-1 MG_3588 Velvet-Denim-8

xo mrs. french

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