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arent & pyke

July 29, 2016


chances are you have seen of designers sarah-jane pyke and juliette arent of the firm arent & pyke more than you realize. i actually did a search on my very own blog and came up with a couple posts here and here. there is something that shines through when a home is designed in an effortless way. the spaces in these photographs show how sarah and juliette truly listen their clients…personalities come shining through. design, to me, is something so beyond a pre-determined formula. it is collection of thoughts, personalities and talent…hence arent & pyke

i had to revisit arent & pyke today to pull additional examples of their talent…

arent-pyke-macmasters-beach-house-1_17 ArentPyke_Feature-Willoughby-House-non-jpeg-mini arent-pyke-figtree-house-251 arent-pyke-alex-hotel-41 arent-pyke-park-house-feature arent-pyke-darling-point-apartment-feature arent-pyke-figtree-house-1 arent-pyke-the-avenue-18 arent-pyke-the-avenue-1 arent-pyke-pavilionhouse-feature2 arent-pyke-potts-point-8 arent-pyke-balmain-east-house-4

such a lovely start to the weekend…

xo mrs. french

I would wear that…ebroidered denim jackets.

July 28, 2016


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

the embroidered denim jacket is definitely my thing. ever since i was a wee gal i have had a soft spot for embroidery and patches (thanks to the girl scouts). which is why i am all over this relatively new trend…the best part is that these jackets will be a favorite of mine forever. i think i may have to invest in 1 or 12 before i am not able to find them around every corner.

a few i have my lustful eyes on…

xo! mrs. french


July 28, 2016


it all started with her livingroom. you can see it in the photo above and below…do you see it? yes, the whole room is beautiful (different lighting, artwork, rug, paint colors etc. it seems)…but it is the thonet bentwood rocker i had an eye on.


my love for this rocking chair has grown over the last few months…different shape, colors and sizes keep popping up and i continued to covet one of our own…




brian ferry



then it happened, on my very limited craigslist i found one of my very own…

unfortunately, i am not able to tell how authentic it is…at the moment, i simply adore it.

now i am on the hunt for the bentwood stool/ottoman.

xo! mrs. french

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