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The Clinton Hill Home of Mona Kowalska

October 31, 2016


no surprise, i have a thing for design books. i have more than enough…yet, i want more. the latest on the way is brooklyn interiors by designer kathleen hackett, published by rizzoli and photographed by matthew williams. the sole reason i took the purchase leap is due to the fact that awhile back remodelista featured this book by sharing the home of designer mona kowalska. kowalska is responsible for another favorite a détacher.

no surprise, the clinton hill home mona shares with her daughter claire is just lovely…







xo mrs. french

Apartment Presented by Moodhouse Interiör

October 28, 2016


i love finishing up this week with this beautiful interior designed by moodhouse interiör out of stockholm. my favorite corner is the indigo sofa framed beautifully by just the right photographs. of course the light fixture in the living room is high on my list as well…













the sun has finally found its way back to my neighborhood today, which makes me just a tad bit more into this whole autumn thing…enjoy your weekend friends.

xo mrs. french

via planete deco

Blissful Corners

October 27, 2016


the yard

i am back! you may or may not know that the frenches left for a mexican getaway. i had planned to share photos and stories…however, in the midst of it i was absolutely too caught up to take a photo! also, the last evening there i fell down a few stairs and messed up my ankle like a pro. needless to say, re-entry has been tough. it actually may be a blessing in disguise that when i actually managed to hobble home my internet was down…hahaha! sitting with a propped up ankle, unplugged forced a certain amount of reflection. i am happy to label it “distraction” today, because as of yesterday it teetered on the edge of silly despair. a very long way of saying i am thrilled to be back with a new outlook…

i have decided to veer back to my “corners.” awhile back i posted on the importance of corners when it comes to the design of my own home. it has always been incredibly hard for me to look at my space as a whole…i often walk away frustrated and overwhelmed. however, when i break it into corners it all becomes doable…enjoyable even. a “corner” for this purpose does not have to be the angle-type it just has to be a smallish area that seems manageable. a space that upon sprucing draws the eye in and has it lingering pleasantly for awhile. i have decided to dedicate a lot more time on bliss to corners…”blissful corners.” i will be sharing corners from my own home, as well as corners of my favorite interiors i constantly bump into. i will also be doing the same on my instagram. the best part is that i want to see your blissful corners as well and share my favorites with my friends and followers. please pop on over to blissblog on instagram and follow if you would like and then use the hashtag #blissfulcorners in the descriptions of your own favorite corners…i would love to feature you.

i decided to kick off blissful corners with a few current favorites and a pic of my own on instagram today…


design sponge


made in persbo


my paradissi


focus damn it!


apartment therapy




notre loft


the stables on instagram

back to re-entry…feeling a bit wonky after the trip of a lifetime is easier to swallow when i break it up into little corners of my life…at the moment i am listening to my lu sing a song she has written, the best “corner” of all…

xo mrs. french

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