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My Happy Place: The Home of Kait Joseph

January 31, 2017

so many of my most favorite interiors are of course beautiful, but also attainable and livable. the home of kait joseph, an interior designer out of la, is exactly the type of livable space i am attracted to. more times than not i find home design to be a combination of new and more new…kait’s home also embraces the old and upcycled; a much better alternative to getting rid of it all.

this home reminds me of the home of that type of friend that does everything right. perfect.

xo mrs. french

photographed by dabito for old brand new

Finn Juhl’s Home of Everything Good…

January 27, 2017

it was bound to happen, i have been repeatedly bumping into finn juhl’s copenhagen home and each time i stop and marvel at the brilliance. i had to have it here on my collection of all things i can’t get out of my mind. i could go on and on about the furniture, art, pottery…but i won’t. take some time to linger and fill your minds up with inspiration and say a silent thank you to mr. juhl for the boundless gifts he has bestowed upon us…

i feel so much better…

have the best weekend.

xo mrs. french

source: cereal

My Happy Place: The Home of Elin Odnegård

January 26, 2017

so, i do so love this home. i imagine stylist elin odnegård loves her home as well. this space, again, shows how less is truly so much more. the light fixture and chairs truly put me over the edge of beautiful design.

unfortunately, i still have a hard time fine tuning items in my home…more is more in my case. working on it…as always. in the mean time i will continue to admire the just right space…

xo mrs. french

styling: elin odnegård

photo: jonas berg for plaza interiör

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