Your New Favorite Shop: Root Adorned

December 1, 2017

this post is near and dear to my heart. i do believe it is the very first shop tour that i have had the pleasure of photographing on bliss and the owner is truly a magical person and it is local to me. triple threat!

root adorned in bend, oregon is a shop that is tiny in size, but huge in heart and so full of all of the best things. i couldn’t possibly choose a favorite item or two…the task is simply too daunting. i am not lying when i say “i love it all.” each item has been lovingly chosen my erin hasler, the shops owner. truly, this space says everything about her. you can walk through the doors and know that someone special is responsible for it. if i hadn’t known her before, i would have been clamoring to introduce myself, based on the merchandise in root adorned.

the plants will catch your eye from the outside…which will draw you in. the perfectly patina’d and loved moroccan rugs will make you want to stay awhile and all the magical bits and baubles in between will keep you there longer than you would have anticipated. it would be perfectly logical to peruse for at least and hour.

i would love for all of you to pop over to bend for an in person visit to root adorned, however, i know that this probably isn’t possible. in the mean time please feel free to shop online.

oh and in case you forgot…the magic is in the details…

also, so much more exciting news to share regarding bliss and root adorn…this collaboration has just begun!

more than a few artists featured in this post and root adorn:

Element Clay Studio

McMc Fragrances

Clark & Dumbo Candles

Alexa Pulitzer cards

Heartswell Cards

Coreterno Candles

Brightstar & Buffalo


Wanderluxe Jewelry

Barloga Studios Prints

PF Candle Co.

Etta + Billie Soaps

have a magical weekend friends!

xo mrs. french





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  • Laurence

    Thank you for sharing. I love Erin’s project.
    When you follow your dreams, the most beautiful things arise.

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