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Polder F/W 17-18

November 6, 2017

polder has always been a blissful favorite. after shopping this year’s fall/winter line i do think our relationship is at an all-time high. so french, so classy, just so good. the vintage-like wool details and metallic pieces have me all weak in the knees.

Ack! I love it all!

xo mrs. french


Polder Summer 2017

March 9, 2017

oh polder. my love for you continues to grow…

the spring-summer 2017 collection is so incredibly lovely…cotton with bits of gold. just right.

xo mrs. french

Polder Spring-Summer 2016

February 8, 2016


i do so love a beautiful lookbook featuring pretty girls in stunning clothing…no surprise, i am all about the polder spring-summer 16 lookbook.

polder is a newish parisian line designed by two super talented sisters of dutch origin and it is truly lovely is a fuss-free way.

polder_summer_2016_WEB_03 polder_summer_2016_WEB_05 polder_summer_2016_WEB_06 polder_summer_2016_WEB_07 polder_summer_2016_WEB_08 polder_summer_2016_WEB_10 polder_summer_2016_WEB_11 polder_summer_2016_WEB_12 polder_summer_2016_WEB_13 polder_summer_2016_WEB_15 polder_summer_2016_WEB_16 polder_summer_2016_WEB_17 polder_summer_2016_WEB_19 polder_summer_2016_WEB_20 polder_summer_2016_WEB_21 polder_summer_2016_WEB_22 polder_summer_2016_WEB_23 polder_summer_2016_WEB_24 polder_summer_2016_WEB_25 polder_summer_2016_WEB_26 polder_summer_2016_WEB_29 polder_summer_2016_WEB_30

another reason to crave summer.


xo mrs. french

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