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July 26, 2017

do you ever feel like all of the good things as of late come out of nashville? i do. a perfect example of this is the team at 1767. at the moment, 1767 is creating these trays and panels from reclaimed wood taken from nashville homes. i can see one or all fitting in perfectly around here…i shouldn’t be surprised, i think almost any interior would be beautifully enhanced with one of these gorgeous pieces. at the moment i have my heart pretty set on the all in white number…shocking! i know.

xo mrs. french

Carly Waito

July 12, 2017

in complete and total awe of these oil paintings (yes, oil paintings!) by carly waito. i believe i first featured one of carly’s paintings here back in march…apparently, i need more. can you blame me?

the fancy side of me has always been into shiny things…i had always envisioned my amethyst, fluorite and topaz would come in the form of gorgeous bits and baubles i could wear. now, i do believe i would love them just like this….gorgeous paintings that i can’t seem to take my eyes off of…

xo mrs. french

via the jealous curator (no surprise!)

K + R Ceramics

March 23, 2017

one of my favorite boards on pinterest is my ceramic perfection board. amongst the beautiful pins on this favorite board of mine k + r is responsible for so many of them. k & r represents kat hutter and roger lee, the dynamic duo behind all of these beautiful pieces. roger is the ceramicist and kat is the painter and i love what happens with they come together.

unlike anything else i have seen and really so darn good.

xo mrs. french

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