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K + R Ceramics

March 23, 2017

one of my favorite boards on pinterest is my ceramic perfection board. amongst the beautiful pins on this favorite board of mine k + r is responsible for so many of them. k & r represents kat hutter and roger lee, the dynamic duo behind all of these beautiful pieces. roger is the ceramicist and kat is the painter and i love what happens with they come together.

unlike anything else i have seen and really so darn good.

xo mrs. french

Blissful Corners: Modern Portraits

February 22, 2017


it seems as if everywhere i turn i am faced with beautiful interiors dressed up in beautiful vintage portraits. i, of course, love a gorgeous vintage portrait as much as the next girl but lately i feel as if the new is outshining the old. i am completely enamored with the modern portraits i have been encountering on pinterest and etsy as of late. which is why i had to dedicate this blissful corners post to a few of the artists i am admiring at the moment…i am humbled, to say the least.

i also thought it important to share a few gorgeous corners decked out in the new standard for portraits.

the fig house

by tezza

fresh ideen

elizabeth mayville

tush tush

hayley mitchell

kai samuel davis

lisa golightly

amanda blake

emily winfield martin

clare elsaesser

xo mrs. french

Vivienne Williams

February 9, 2017

i have been scouring etsy in search of just the right still life for my kitchen. i have come close a few times, but missed the chance or decided against it. then, it occurred to me today that i maybe sabotaging this whole vintage art thing on purpose because my heart is set on a still life from one of my true favorites vivienne williams. the muted tones and interesting shapes are exactly what i have in mind…i even have the perfect spot all set.

worth the wait.

xo mrs. french

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