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Blissful Corners: Linen Bedding

September 26, 2017

house of baltic linen

bedding is my thing. i also believe that when i happen upon really special things, it is my duty to share. lately, i have been on the lookout for the most perfect linen bedding. not surprisingly, there are so many fantastic sources…again, i felt it would be only right to share. did i mention that linen bedding really is as magical as it looks? durable, cool when it needs to be and cosy at just the right times…oh and it is really, really good looking…


magic linen

in bed

hale mercantile


lost & found


a warning: once you cover yourself in linen you will not be able to turn back. this is a good thing, trust me!

xo mrs. french

My Happy Place: Serena Mitnik-Miller’s Topanga Home

December 28, 2016

i had intended take a little break over the holidays…actually, i have been more sporadic than usual, but i couldn’t commit fully to a formal type situation. this worked in my favor on this particular day because i truly had to share. on

one of my very favorite instagram accounts belongs to serena mitnik-miller (@maraserene). the owner of general store, one of the most thoughtfully curated stores i have seen, with locations in los angeles and san francisco. serena is also a beyond talented artist and it all shows within the walls of her topanga home which she shares with her husband, architect mason st. peter, and their newborn son wild…

it just so happens that when an architect and artist come together beautiful homes are made…

back soon…back regularly starting monday, with a more regimented way of running things around these parts.

xo mrs. french

photography by jason frank rothenberg for domino

Micaela Greg on a Wintery Day

December 8, 2016

i am cold…for good reason it is 17˚ outside and the sky has opened up and is sharing all of the snow it has been collecting. what is a girl to do on a day like today? stay cozy and shop for knit ware obviously. immediately i turned to my favorite knitwear sisters marie and karen postesta of the loveliest micaela greg. i am so glad i did…take a look at everything i seem to need immediately…

yes, all please.

xo mrs. french

p.s. my beloved beklina carries micaela greg as well…

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