I Would Stay There: The Hoxton

October 18, 2017

i am pretty sure i didn’t need one, but i found yet another reason to head to paris as soon as possible. the hoxton, a beyond amazing hotel in paris calls to me loudly. each corner seems to be a treasure…vintage with modern in the way only parisians can accomplish (trust me, i have tried). perhaps one of the things i love most about the hoxton is the fact that it is a former mansion transformed…not only for the patrons, but the neighborhood itself. apparently, hoxton hotels is known for this and perhaps i need to tour each of their establishments? a job i would be thrilled to take on.

oh and did i mention the hoxton is headed overseas to the usa? i have now. locations in williamsburg, la, and chicago! maybe i will start there?

xo mrs. french

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Dress Me.

October 12, 2017

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those of you who have been following for awhile, know that my very favorite pinterest board is my it’s good to be a girl board. it’s a stretch for me, because i often struggle with this whole female thing. i swear that when i scroll through the pins on this board i embrace this whole feminine thing a wee bit more.

i also rarely wear dresses, much to the dismay of my lu. she loves everything about this girl gig and desperately wishes i wore dresses just like her…twirling together would honestly be a huge event in her world. ha! so, i guess this post is for my lu. a collection of inspirational photos that embrace the most girly of all items of clothing.

of course, i have my eyes on more than a few…

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1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

i feel prettier already…twirl away friends!

xo mrs. french

Blissful Corners: Just a Bit of Gold Please…

October 11, 2017


you all know me…i have had a tough time committing fully to fall. however, at the moment, i am loving all of the autumnal hues i am seeing. of course, the leaves are lovely…i am also loving the bits of gold i have been bumping into on pinterest. especially, the tiny pops scattered throughout my favorite interiors. however, too much mustard is definitely not my thing. these spaces are perfect examples of the whole less-is-more concept.


design sponge


archer interiors


apartment therapy

crazy how a gold pillow or two can take you to all the best things about autumn.

xo mrs. french

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