Life Lessons and a Beautiful Copenhagen Apartment

May 18, 2018

hello friends…i apologize for the silence. i had one of those eye-opening moments. over the last few days, you may have noticed, my beloved blog was gone! everything i had spent the last 10 years sharing with all of you had disappeared. i contacted my site host and they informed me that they could not find it…for at least 48 hours i had thought that this corner of the blogosphere i had built for myself was gone forever. i went through a period of anger, then sadness, then a bit of despair and finally perspective. my sweet b (12 year old son) put it all in perspective, but not in the way you would think…you see, he had never known his mother as anything but a woman that blogged, took pictures and pinned like crazy. he actually said, ” mom. it’s your life’s work…you have to sue.” at that moment, i realized that although i do really love this bliss…i still had my perfectly imperfect family. my family truly is my “life’s work.” very soon after i had come to this realization, magically my blog appeared! i was thrilled…my family? and my blog? a pinch-me moment ensued. all of a sudden, i became ridiculously grateful for this blissfulb blog. i was so excited to post and share…

over the past year or so, i had grown tired of all of this blogging business. wow! has it changed and wow! did i not love where it was going! when i started blogging a million years ago, it was all about sharing the work of others i admired and respected. i clamored to share…now it seems as if blogging is much about the blogger…self-promotion. trust me, i enjoy these types of blogs, but it is not for me. i will happily continue to share bits and pieces of myself here and there…however, i will continue to revel in sharing homes, shops, and artists that i admire and love…oh and there i will always be fashion! i am now thrilled to move ahead…

which brings me to this post. this tiny apartment…so pared back and simply beautiful. not fancy…but just right. no surprise, this home belongs to designer caroline feiffer. take awhile to linger and examine each photograph…so many treasures. a home where the small things are everything. the vintage beams and perfect rays of light are killing me and of course, like all the best designers, the accessories are understated, yet say it all. it is obvious that each and everything within this space means something and is truly loved. exactly what i have tried to portray in my home…more about that later.

so much love to all of you…i am ridiculously grateful to still have a space to share.

xo mrs. french

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My Happy Place

May 10, 2018

no surprise, this home resides on gotland island in sweden. i have always loved the way that scandinavians can make their country homes seem as if they have been their as long as the land that surrounds them…enhancing, rather than taking away from the beautiful landscape. local firm m.arkitektur is responsible for all this goodness.

i am drawn to everything about this home, however, at the moment i am obsessed with the outdoor areas. we have been trying our best to create a space perfectly suited for entertaining around our own home. a magical pool, with perfectly weathered timber would be the perfect start…

xo mrs. french

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photographed by emma jönsson dysell

Pink Kitchen!

May 2, 2018

i won’t lie…the girly side of me continues to quiver when i see pink. i have to think that if my home were void of boys (gasp) there would be a lot more pinkish hues around these parts…perhaps in every room? this home, via light locations, has me thinking that i should definitely start with the kitchen. of course, i would need that stove as well.

oh and i was so blinded by the pink kitchen that i forgot to mention the beautiful dining space attached…

xo mrs. french

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