My Happy Place: Home by Sophie Burke Design

June 20, 2017

well, i fell in love today. this home. designed by this gal. i am in love up to my eyebrows. the fireplace and the chairs that flank it makes my heart beat fast. let’s get real, it all makes my heart want to pop out of my chest. “happy place” is an understatement.

xo mrs. french

My Happy Place: A Family Home in Sydney

June 13, 2017

oh how i love a home that has a beautiful outdoor space to go along with a beautiful interior! such is the case with this home belonging to ariana and esteban la tessa. the owners purchased the home with the intention of painting some walls and then as projects go, the wishlist grew and soon a incredibly talented architect joined the project.

obviously, i love it all and my inspirational self is giddy with ideas.

xo mrs. french

via inside out

My Happy Place: Laure’s 18th Century Home

June 8, 2017

no surprise, stylish people live in stylish spaces. inside closet counts on this fact. a journal/shop that is very french and very lovely. at the moment my favorite profile belongs to “laure.”

the laure’s clothing and apartment is put together in just the right, effortless way.

xo mrs. french

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