Blissful Corners

My Happy Place: Holly’s Kitchen

March 14, 2017

the kitchen, to me, is the heart of the home…it truly is in our home. i, actually, do love my kitchen quite a lot. however, i do think that i could be equally happy with holly’s kitchen and dining space. holly is the lovely blogger behind avenue lifestyle. she is ridiculously talented and has recently finished her kitchen remodel…thoughtful, gorgeous and surprisingly thrifty.

like a breath of fresh air…


xo mrs. french

Blissful Corners: Eclectic Corners from The Socialite Family

March 8, 2017

maria de la orden and jérôme baril

the best corners always seem to be the most eclectic ones. the site that has mastered the most eclectic of blissful corners is the socialite family.

it truly is my pleasure to bring you my very favorites on my of my favorite sites.

lisa et julien ménard, céleste, inès, honoré, sidonie, rose 

pierre le ny and émilie urbansky, anouck 

aroussia chamakh and henrik jessen, georgia 

louison and jules

amélie colombet and john, auguste

augustin david and clémence, odilon, gustave 

imelda de breda and hans, corto, rosalie,fantine

arnaud doin and sarah de vilmorin, cosima, edgar, rosalie

julien et élodie régnier, jeanne, martin 

carlo zanuso

marianne fersing et cédric charbit, loulou, anouk 

florence bouvier and justine

xo mrs. french

Blissful Corners: Heidi’s Bridge

March 2, 2017

heidi’s bridge is responsible for so many blissful corners. heidi’s bridge is a photography and styling team based in new york city and their talent is obviously boundless. i would love for you to really take a moment to peruse these photographs…i think the thing i love about them most is the use of items that are not necessarily new, just loved. so many times i feel as if i need something new to spruce up the place…however, all i really need to do is move the items i already have from here to there and take a photo at just the right moment. the moment when the sun is shining in the corner in just the right way…

i can really get behind this beautiful in the everyday thing…

xo mrs. french

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