Blissful Corners

Blissful Corners: Bathrooms

May 10, 2017

bo bedre

the bathroom is often neglected here on bliss…actually, i am pretty sure i have never dedicated a whole post to one of the most important rooms in the home. today, the madness stops! all of these lovely blissful corners come from some of my very favorite bathrooms i bump into from time to time on pinterest.

you will also notice that i have yet to share the french residence bathroom…i would love to think it is because we haven’t quite finished it. however, sadly, we haven’t even started.

heather bullard


only deco love

sight unseen

amber interiors

elizabeth roberts

xo mrs. french



Blissful Corners: Stairways

May 3, 2017

my domain

i think the reason i am so enamored with stairways at the moment is because i currently live in a home with no stairs. i knew i had to dedicate a blissful corners post to this architectural feature i may long for just a bit. pinterest is full of the very best stairway inspiration i had to share a few of my favorites…




bo bedre

one kings lane

desire to inspire

*wit & delight

xo mrs. french

Blissful Corners: Light Locations

April 20, 2017

a blissful corner is a spot to linger. light locations is responsible for some of my very favorite linger-worthy corners. which, of course, only seems natural considering light locations is an agency specializing in spaces to rent out for film based projects…photo or movie. in short, light locations specializes the best photogenic spaces. which is why it only seems natural that my blissful corners post be dedicated to them.

back in the day when photography had been my whole life, it was all about the light. actually, i haven’t veered too far from those days…my inspiration still comes from the light for one reason or another.

enjoy these blissful corners brought to you by light locations….

xo mrs. french

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