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Blissful Corners: Velvet Pillows

November 16, 2017

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i have had a thing for velvet forever. as a small girl i remember my favorite dress was a red velvet hand-me-down with white piping. which why it only seems natural that i want to dress my home in velvet as well. perhaps the best place to start would be with as many velvet pillows as possible. the rooms of above look perfect with velvet scattered here and there.

i took some time to pick out a few below…

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you want to touch them don’t you?

xo mrs. french


My Happy Place: A Home and the Shop That Goes With It

October 25, 2017

i love it when one good thing leads to another…i absolutely love this home in byron bay. i equally love the gorgeous shop that belongs to the couple that resides there. worn. the store, along with the home are plum full of all things good and timeless. mass produced is not a piece of either.

i also find it odd that i was thinking that i may need to add a coat of paint or two to some walls around this place, to break up the abundance of white. now, of course, i have decided to keep all the white. i am easy to sway that way. after peeking at these photos, can you blame me?

you really need to visit worn as well. many of the items feature in this home are available in the store.

xo mrs. french

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Blissful Corners: Just a Bit of Gold Please…

October 11, 2017


you all know me…i have had a tough time committing fully to fall. however, at the moment, i am loving all of the autumnal hues i am seeing. of course, the leaves are lovely…i am also loving the bits of gold i have been bumping into on pinterest. especially, the tiny pops scattered throughout my favorite interiors. however, too much mustard is definitely not my thing. these spaces are perfect examples of the whole less-is-more concept.


design sponge


archer interiors


apartment therapy

crazy how a gold pillow or two can take you to all the best things about autumn.

xo mrs. french

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