Mid Century Eclectic

July 10, 2017

as many of you know, i live in a mid century house. i love it, buy often times i fear the i may transform my 50’s home into too much of a thematic experience. i do adore the decade, but personally i am not at all into 100% mid century. i try to choose my furniture thoughtfully and have a few pieces from the decade, but remain eclectic when it comes to the rest. of course, i have also been known to overthink all of it.

which is why i was so happy to bump into the home of photographer laura resen…i believe laura and her partner cloud devine (also a photographer). have done the very best job of combining mid century with all the rest. i am inspired to say the least…


xo mrs. french

via okl

Finn Juhl’s Home of Everything Good…

January 27, 2017

it was bound to happen, i have been repeatedly bumping into finn juhl’s copenhagen home and each time i stop and marvel at the brilliance. i had to have it here on my collection of all things i can’t get out of my mind. i could go on and on about the furniture, art, pottery…but i won’t. take some time to linger and fill your minds up with inspiration and say a silent thank you to mr. juhl for the boundless gifts he has bestowed upon us…

i feel so much better…

have the best weekend.

xo mrs. french

source: cereal

My Favorite Mid-century

January 6, 2017

i first glimpsed this home a few months back on the design files. it belongs to tim ross and michelle glew-ross. tim is a comedian and michelle recently my general store, a line of lifestyle products focusing heavily on gorgeous textiles. today, i was thrilled to bump into this space yet again on the grace tales.

no surprise, i love it even more!

just when i think i can’t wait to move into a newer model, i spy a midcentury masterpiece that has me falling in love with this home of mine all over again.

xo mrs. french

source: the grace tales

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