My Happy Place: Dripping in Wallpaper

September 6, 2017

i had always appreciated wallpaper, but had decided that i would admire from afar. then i spot this 3 bedroom apartment in gothenburg and i start to get all should-i again. gah! honestly, though? how beautiful is this space? and that white bentwood rocker is perfect in that brightly lit corner.

i truly believe that one of the main reasons i started bliss was because of my first few encounters with scandinavian design. it really was love at first sight. this love has not been fleeting…i remain just as smitten as i was way back in the day. i continue to believe that it combines just the right amount of predictability and pleasant surprises. this apartment is the prime example…

xo mrs. french

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Friday Whites

July 14, 2017

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my blissful tumblr is one of those things that i tend to forget about…which, actually, works in my favor because when i do stop in, i am always pleasantly surprised by the inspiration. today is no exception. the overwhelming number of beautiful, summer whites blew me away. i know, white on bliss? i can’t help myself…especially on a sunny july day.

of course, my next thought is always bringing some extra white into my life…i can help there too…

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have a refreshing weekend!

xo mrs. french

*unfortunately, many times the images on tumblr link to no one…i would love to assign credit to the unknown in the above post…message me if you have any information.

My Happy Place: A Family Home in Amsterdam

July 13, 2017

sadly, at the moment, i have no plans to move to amsterdam…however, if i did have such a plan i do believe i would move into this crazy/gorgeous apartment. scandinavian perfection strikes again…

not to fret readers, you may not have a amsterdam move in your immediate future, but you can have a few bits for your own space…i am good like that.

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xo mrs. french

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