My Happy Place by Peter Ivens Interior Architecture

November 22, 2017

this is going to blow your mind! i love this home! haha! i am pretty sure that if you had bumped into this space on your own you would already know that mrs. french would be packing to move it. a scandinavian interior that has so many of the scandinavian elements that i love, yet also manages to stand on its own.

please take special note of all the beautiful lamps and extra thick slab countertops and of course, take your time…so many other treasures to feast your eyes on!

xo mrs. french

via: gravity home

source: peter evens interior architecture 




Always All About Scandinavian Design

November 14, 2017

i like to think that this little lifestyle blog of mine focuses on many different types of design and living. however, i have to be honest…since the beginning of bliss time it has been pretty much all about scandinavian design. i explore others and often times find so much beauty in the unexpected, but as i look back the timelessness and purposeful elements that ring so loudly in scandinavian design also present themselves in pretty much everything i choose to share here on bliss.

this apartment grabs hold of all things scandinavian and i couldn’t love it more. it’s so nice to get back to my roots.

xo mrs. french

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My Happy Place: Dripping in Wallpaper

September 6, 2017

i had always appreciated wallpaper, but had decided that i would admire from afar. then i spot this 3 bedroom apartment in gothenburg and i start to get all should-i again. gah! honestly, though? how beautiful is this space? and that white bentwood rocker is perfect in that brightly lit corner.

i truly believe that one of the main reasons i started bliss was because of my first few encounters with scandinavian design. it really was love at first sight. this love has not been fleeting…i remain just as smitten as i was way back in the day. i continue to believe that it combines just the right amount of predictability and pleasant surprises. this apartment is the prime example…

xo mrs. french

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