Sponsored: Our Sofa…The Capsule Cameron Sofa

January 25, 2017

good design should available to everyone.” capsule is a design studio in los angeles that believes in this philosophy wholeheartedly. i stumbled upon capsule accidentally on pinterest, which is where i found our beloved sofa. we chose the cameron sofa in white linen and have been over-the-moon thrilled with our choice. yes, the idea of “white linen” terrified me at first…but you know me, i decided to go with it anyway. the color is not a bright white, it has just enough oatmeal undertones to blend with our warmer environment. we have had a few spots that come from day to day living, the cameron spot-cleaned beautifully.

i do take my sofas seriously, as you know. which is why i am so happy with our capsule cameron sofa. also, the pieces at capsule are all at an incredibly reasonable price point, but look completely opposite.

i am so happy with our decision.

xo mrs. french

A Snowy Holiday Adventure Brought to you by Brookside Chocolate

December 21, 2016

When sponsorship involves chocolate, I am all in. That’s why when Brookside Chocolate sent me some product, I felt the need to taste it immediately…softened exotic fruit flavors surrounded by fantastic dark chocolate happens to be fantastic. The Brookside Crunchy Clusters are my favorite, and the favorites of the Mister and kiddos as well. In addition to fruit flavors and chocolate, the Brookside Crunchy Cluster also contain crispy multigrains. A chewy/crunchy dark chocolate experience that is just right….

To me, the best way to enjoy Brookside Chocolates has to involve the outdoors. This past week we had record snowfall in Oregon, so heading out with my family for a snowy holiday adventure definitely had to be a part of this experience. I mixed up some hot cocoa, we loaded the kids, dog, and sled in the car and headed out to one of the many Oregon trails for the best kind of snowy outing. This trip also ended up being the perfect opportunity to throw some Brookside Chocolates in my backpack and enjoy!

The French offspring are always up for an adventure, but typically end up losing interest sooner than we would like. This outing proved to be quite a bit different. When a snowy hike involves a yummy Brookside Chocolate finisher children are much more likely to complain less and enjoy more. Brookside Chocolates accompanied by hot cocoa, beautiful snowy surroundings, happy kiddos, and holiday magic ended up being my beyond favorite thing this weekend and very favorite way to enjoy Brookside.

It also worked out perfectly to have Brookside in the house during a time of year when we are surrounded with heavy sweets. Our sweet cravings were completely satisfied by a few Brookside bits here and there. This whole experience ended up being one of my favorite sponsorship opportunities to date.

This pin truly captures Brookside Chocolate; the magical combination of dark chocolate and exotic fruit!


xo mrs. french

I am participating in a campaign for Brookside Chocolate. I am receiving a fee for posting; however, the opinions expressed in this post are my own. I am in no way affiliated with Brookside Chocolate and do not earn a commission or percent of sales.

Beklina Again and Again…

November 2, 2016


beklina suede ribbed clog

in my opinion, the difference between a good shop and a superb shop is the retailer’s ability to tell a story. i can choose to purchase the same item from one rather than the other simply because i want to be a part of the story the best shops are able to tell.

in a world where i am constantly seeing beautiful things, i can truly say that beklina tells a story perhaps better than any other. the curation and thoughtfulness behind this online shop transports me to a place i want to be a part of. which is why i am so happy and humbled to introduce my latest collaboration! i am working with beklina to elaborate on the already fantastic story behind the brand.

i think that the best way to do this is by coming together on a pinterest board…where each pin comes together to inspire a moodboard of sorts…angelina rennell the founder and head curator is collaborating with me and is pinning stunning inspirational images as well…


Anntian Wide Necky Top


alpaca fringe pillows and anntian big knit blanket


ace & jig olympia dress


anntian simple dress


hand loomed blanket


apiece apart taos wrap coat


i. ronni rainbow bracelet


azilal rug


ace & jig constance top

do yourself a lovely favor this afternoon and pop in for a visit.

xo mrs. french

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