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Maria Stanley SS17

April 13, 2017

can i please be frank? i am completely disappointed in the current season. spring is something i wait patiently for starting in fall…actually, i am not too patient about the whole season thing. i know that spring is rarely predictable, especially in oregon, however, year after year i expect warmth, sun and more of a summer feel. this year our spring has been grey, grey, grey, cold and rainy and i am done.

the maria stanley spring 2017 is more of a representation of how i feel real spring should be. of course, this newish label is based in los angeles so the warmer temps and sunnier skies are a given…perhaps, if things don’t start to change around here i will just go there? and now it seems i have some lovely pieces to wear when i do so. thank you maria stanley.


xo mrs. french

The Latest from Horses

April 6, 2017

for those of you who know me…you know what a fan i am of horses atelier.

it was love at first sight…i lose track of some of my favorites from time to time, however, i try to pop in every season or so. today i was pleasantly surprised when i dropped in on horses…this creative female duo truly have outdone themselves with their latest offering.

i know i say it often, but this time, really and truly i want it all.

Masscob Spring/Summer 2017

March 17, 2017

i am so, so ready for summer and i am so, so wanting all of these pieces to be a part of my spring/summer wardrobe. the masscob spring/summer 2017 campaign is on point. basically, i could stop at the gauzy tops and dresses…then the peasant tops flowy dresses and just the right bit of metallic and there is no hope…i want it all.

shop away!

happy weekend lovely friends!

xo mrs. french

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