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My Happy Place: Laure’s 18th Century Home

June 8, 2017

no surprise, stylish people live in stylish spaces. inside closet counts on this fact. a journal/shop that is very french and very lovely. at the moment my favorite profile belongs to “laure.”

the laure’s clothing and apartment is put together in just the right, effortless way.

xo mrs. french

Ulla Johnson Pre-Fall 2017

June 1, 2017

i really do try to follow my own rules…for instance, i try to live in the moment. especially when that moment involves my favorite time of year. today, i choose to intentionally break this rule. i blame ulla johnson and her blasted pre-fall collection. i had to look ahead. when the future is as stunning as this, how can you blame me?

actually, many of these pieces would be completely appropriate for summer as well. win, win.

xo mrs. french

Spring 2017 Street Style Inspiration

May 11, 2017

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here we are again. the time of year i have been yearning for all winter long…spring! i am truly thankful and have almost forgotten the horrible winter that has passed. however, it is human nature to look on the less optimistic side of things…which leads me to “i am pretty sure i have nothing to wear.” Actually, not quite sure what i wore last year at this time. according to my closet, i have nothing. ugh.

perhaps all i need is inspiration? thank goodness for my favorite street style images! hope this helps you in the spring wardrobe department as well.

xo mrs. french

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