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September 18, 2017

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what!? two lists in a row! i rarely have it together enough to post a list on monday…what can i say? today i am on it! perhaps it is the change of season, or the smoke-free sky for the first time in forever? regardless of the reason, i am inspired. you can definitely see the fall spilling over onto this list and i like it!

xo mrs. french

Finally…Everlane Denim!

September 12, 2017

finally. ever since the very beginning of everlane i had wondered “but where are the jeans?” i have worn and appreciated many everlane items throughout the years…all the while waiting and wanting everlane denim. good things happen to those who wait right? it’s here and i am again waiting…however, this time i am waiting for denim to show up on my doorstep. can’t wait!

the high and mid-rise are my favorites. also, giddy about the big pockets and japanese denim. as you can see…pretty fantastic.

    i will let you know if i love them as much as i think i will.

xo mrs. french

A Lovely Way to Start the Season…

August 31, 2017

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i try to resist on a yearly basis…then, i realize there is nothing i can do about it…fall is upon us. the upside? clothes! i decided to do some of the perusing for you. a few of my favorites this season.

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a nice start, don’t you think?

have a beautiful thursday friends.

xo mrs. french

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