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I ♡ Gifting Part 2 (Wow! That Looks Expensive!)

December 13, 2017

1. cos wool-mohair cardigan

2. cos pleated wool scarf

3. & other stories smocked leather gloves

4. cos lace bra

5. & other stories wo0l-blend coat

6. everlane day market tote

7. vrai & oro tiny diamond studs

8. everlane cashmere rib beanie

9. vrai & oro square ring

sometimes the simple, timeless things in life are a must…nothing too fancy, but all the way perfect and so classic. these are the items i love to give and receive, the perfect gifts. i do believe that all of the items here fit into this category. do you want to know the best part? all of these items are surprisingly affordable, but they really do look so expensive.

it’s not too late to treat yourself or someone special to the most lovey, little things of all.

xo mrs french



The Vibrancy of Loéil

December 7, 2017

i am craving color today! shocking right? today monotone simply isn’t my thing. thank goodness for for loéil. take a peek at these vibrant colors! lucky me.

what if this love of vibrancy is fleeting? not to worry, loéil is moderately priced…however, with silhouettes such as these, i am thinking you will be going back to these items again and again…

xo mrs. french


I Would Wear That…Big Earrings.

December 6, 2017

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12

many times i have sung the praises of tiny, beautiful, timeless jewelry. which, of course, i still love. today, however, i have to give statement pieces some credit. especially, when it comes to earrings. the images i have been loving on pinterest as of late have me craving bigger earrings. the kind of earrings that, in some cases, actually graze a shoulder. perhaps the “timeless” idea comes into question? yes, maybe next year at this time earrings of this stature maybe less desirable, but trust me…they will be back.

big earrings to ponder…

1. the straits finery x snack food gold waterfall earrings

2. tuleste marabou t-bar pom pom earrings

3. shihara diamond post earring

4. lizzie fortunate larsen’s earrings

5. laurel hill gate hoops

6. rachel comes odile earrings

7. simon miller arp earrings

8. zoe chicco large drop circle earrings

9. annie costello brown asymmetrical duster earrings

10. lizzie fortunato crater earrings

11. open house people earrings

12. annie costello brown earrings in gold

xo mrs. french


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