Pretty Thursday

Black Crane SS17

May 4, 2017

i so love black crane. there is something so magical about this line that is quietly beautiful…never loud or overstated. yet, this season’s collection pleasantly surprised me. the colors, the drape, the perfectly cinched belt…and, of course, the beautiful photographs.

a type of poetry disguised as beautiful clothing.

xo mrs. french

Apiece Apart Spring 2017

January 12, 2017

what is a girl to do when she is up to her eyeballs in snow? literally. she goes looking for really beautiful warmer weather clothes. clothes she can imagine wearing while soaking up the son and drinking a margarita. lucky for me, apiece apart has just what i need for a winter daydream.

apiece apart’s spring 2017 collection…

i feel warmer already…

xo mrs. french

Pretty Thursday: Raquel Allegra PS17

January 5, 2017

oh raquel…why do you have to be so darn beautiful? i have decided to dedicate thursdays to my appreciation for beautiful clothing and beauty products or items that make me feel a bit prettier and pampered. i love starting this pretty thursday with one of my favorite designers raquel allegra. the ps2017 line is completely perfect. the gauzy fabrics, lilac and brighter hues come together to create one of my very raquel collections yet…

shop these pieces here.

xo mrs. french

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