Spring 2017

Masscob Spring/Summer 2017

March 17, 2017

i am so, so ready for summer and i am so, so wanting all of these pieces to be a part of my spring/summer wardrobe. the masscob spring/summer 2017 campaign is on point. basically, i could stop at the gauzy tops and dresses…then the peasant tops flowy dresses and just the right bit of metallic and there is no hope…i want it all.

shop away!

happy weekend lovely friends!

xo mrs. french

Sessún Spring-Summer 2017

February 23, 2017

as you know, i have never been a fan of winter…this one, in particular, has been brutal. finally, i am beginning to see glimpses of spring around the corner. needless to say, i am embracing it fully. if i had my way i would want my spring/summer to look a bit like this…

sessún spring-summer 2017 embodies the cool, effortless, timeless style i strive for…

xo mrs. french

Apiece Apart Spring 2017

January 12, 2017

what is a girl to do when she is up to her eyeballs in snow? literally. she goes looking for really beautiful warmer weather clothes. clothes she can imagine wearing while soaking up the son and drinking a margarita. lucky for me, apiece apart has just what i need for a winter daydream.

apiece apart’s spring 2017 collection…

i feel warmer already…

xo mrs. french

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