I Would Stay There…The Amigo Motor Lodge.

July 6, 2017

the typical motor lodge holds a special place in my heart. i remember family road trips as a child, driving until we were all too tired to possibly go another mile and waiting for that magical vacancy sign to appear out of nowhere. i remember waiting in the car while my dad ran into the lobby, returning with a key attached to a plastic key ring and pulling right up to the door of the spot we would call home for the night. i also remember the mister and i taking backroads (about a million and a half years ago), with marcy playground blaring over the jeep speakers, looking for that same vacancy. motor lodges are all the right kind of americana and i couldn’t be happier that folks like philip and kaitlyn must have the same type of soft spot for them that i do. this couple is responsible for my latest favorite amongst favorites the amigo motor lodge out of salida, co.

back in the day, i had no idea this whole motor lodge thing would become stylish and that the resurgence of the midcentury motel could result in something so beautiful….

i am sensing a road trip coming on…

xo mrs. french

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Stayed: Hotel Covell

November 21, 2016

a friend of mine asked me to go on a spur of the moment design trip with her to los angeles. of course i obliged, but have to admit i had many preconceived ideas about the whole la experience. you see, i had never been and i had heard from many people what to expect…some of which was not positive. my expectations were optimistic, but not overly high. guess what? i was pleasantly surprised…the trip ended up being an inspirational whirlwind. i am officially a fan.

of course, it didn’t hurt that we stayed at truly my latest favorite hotel…the hotel covell. it did not feel like a hotel at all…it reminded me of staying in an apartment belonging to a very stylish, cool uncle. we were completely relaxed, and again, my inspiration went through the roof. my only regret is that i didn’t take nearly enough photos.

i need to plan another trip as soon as possible…just because i need additional photos…



beautiful…also, i should mention that if you plan on visiting, grab your reservations well in advance…there are only 5 suites and i imagine they fill up quickly.

i am not done with los angeles just yet…i promise…

xo mrs. french

photos were all taken by me.


August 15, 2016

hello friends, re-entry is always hard especially when when i am coming back from my happy place. the oregon coast resides in my heart and time spent there with my family always means something truly special to me.

i thought today would be the perfect time to share a bit of our summer coastal getaway…also, please feel free to follow along on my instagram, the best place to see how the frenches choose to close out summer 2016…

xo mrs. french

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