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The Frenches Take Over the Magical Loloma Lodge

October 26, 2017

do you ever have a moment that was so fantastic, that later you ponder whether it really happened? it all seems way too dreamlike. i am thrilled to say that the frenches had that exact type of getaway this past late summer/early fall. we went to the magical loloma lodge. i often catch myself drifting in thought to that time…aaaand i do know it all took place because i have the photos to prove it! the photos were taken by my favorite photographer and friend heaven mcarthur.

loloma lodge is located on the mckenzie river right here in oregon. loloma consists of an actual historic lodge, midcentury cabins and camping spots…and gardens, streams, bridges, trails and all things magic. i have to admit i am quite hesitant sharing loloma with all of you…in my mind it was meant for my family and our favorite memories. i have to believe that it has that effect on all families.

i am hoping with all of my heart that we will be returning this fall…i can’t imagine loloma this time of year in all of its autumn splendor. hence, my entrance to another loloma daydream.

unreal. right? but it does exist.

click here to make a reservation.

Loloma Lodge
56687 McKenzie Highway
McKenzie Bridge, OR 97413

+1 (541) 822 6231

you are very welcome!

mrs. french

I Would Stay There: The Hoxton

October 18, 2017

i am pretty sure i didn’t need one, but i found yet another reason to head to paris as soon as possible. the hoxton, a beyond amazing hotel in paris calls to me loudly. each corner seems to be a treasure…vintage with modern in the way only parisians can accomplish (trust me, i have tried). perhaps one of the things i love most about the hoxton is the fact that it is a former mansion transformed…not only for the patrons, but the neighborhood itself. apparently, hoxton hotels is known for this and perhaps i need to tour each of their establishments? a job i would be thrilled to take on.

oh and did i mention the hoxton is headed overseas to the usa? i have now. locations in williamsburg, la, and chicago! maybe i will start there?

xo mrs. french

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I Would Stay There…The Amigo Motor Lodge.

July 6, 2017

the typical motor lodge holds a special place in my heart. i remember family road trips as a child, driving until we were all too tired to possibly go another mile and waiting for that magical vacancy sign to appear out of nowhere. i remember waiting in the car while my dad ran into the lobby, returning with a key attached to a plastic key ring and pulling right up to the door of the spot we would call home for the night. i also remember the mister and i taking backroads (about a million and a half years ago), with marcy playground blaring over the jeep speakers, looking for that same vacancy. motor lodges are all the right kind of americana and i couldn’t be happier that folks like philip and kaitlyn must have the same type of soft spot for them that i do. this couple is responsible for my latest favorite amongst favorites the amigo motor lodge out of salida, co.

back in the day, i had no idea this whole motor lodge thing would become stylish and that the resurgence of the midcentury motel could result in something so beautiful….

i am sensing a road trip coming on…

xo mrs. french

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