The Home of Amelia Widell

March 16, 2017

rarely do i start a home tour with a bedroom…however, in this case it seems like the right thing to do. this home belongs to interior designer amelia widell and i am truly smitten. the bedroom is truly fantastic, as is the rest of this stockholm apartment.

again, i feel eager to get to work on my own master…actually, i do believe i would be quite happy having amelia take a go at it…

xo mrs. french

via gravity home 

source elle decoration

i ♡…

March 6, 2017

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oh my! i do so love today’s list! as i look back on my choices a a lot seem to be chosen based on texture and i am ok with that.

xo mrs. french

My Happy Place: Green

February 28, 2017

oh green…typically, as you know, i have no room in my heart for any color besides white. this home has me thinking that green maybe my thing.

a girl has room in her heart for more than one hue…right?

xo mrs. french

via: coco lapine design 

source: elle decoration

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