A Family Home in Sydney

April 3, 2018

i am torn when it comes to modern/minimal design…often times i associate it with cold and void. this queens park home definitely could be considered modern, but also puts forth just the right amount of warmth. perhaps this is due to the fact that the original structure dates back to the early 20th century? old bones with modern finishes…sounds about right. the design firm of alexander and co transformed this 2-storey federal into the perfect family space. a space that encompasses uncluttered, minimal design while also maintaining a feeling of comfort and warmth.

i am immediately drawn to the wood floors and cabinetry. i love the way the lush green becomes the backdrop due to the perfectly placed, huge windows. bring the outside in! then my eyes go to the black accessories…especially, the strong black lamp in the dining room. and then there is always the art!

xo mrs. french

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No Words…Yet Again and Again.

February 15, 2018

Photograph by John McCall / South Florida Sun-Sentinel / AP

yet again, my heart breaks. i dropped b and lu off at school today with a lump in my throat. a lump that i have grown all too accustomed to. i have no words…thank goodness others seem to.

eloquent, important and actionable words.

links i have turned to today…

…more to come.

xo mrs. french



I am here.

January 8, 2018

hi, hi, beautiful readers…i am here. i do believe that this maybe the longest i have stayed away from my beloved blog. i am simply untangling a few thoughts. i have been eager to change things up for awhile now…i feel as if i maybe close to sharing with all of you what i have been thinking…i will keep you posted.

in the mean time, there is this. these words from this woman mean everything. i am sure you have all seen it…watch it again. watch it with your girlfriends and daughters…actually watch it with the men in your life as well.

back so soon,

xo mrs. french

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