Faceted…brought to you by Frieda Sophie

July 13, 2016


herkimer diamond

frieda sophie is a long-time beloved blissful sponsor. the rough, yet refined jewelry never disappoints and personally, some of these pieces have been favorites of mine for the longest time.

i do love everything in her shop right now, however, i simply cannot get past the stunning faceted rings…set perfectly, yet not too perfect. stones that have been overly messed with and cut have never been my thing…these capture the shape, feel and natural sheen perfectly. i also love the fact that each of them could be worn for a formal occasion, but also look perfect with a pair of jeans and t-shirt…”versatile” is an understatement.

oh and did in mention they are all on sale?


aquamarine oval


watermelon tourmaline


aquamarine crystal


green tourmaline


blue fire opal

perfect right?

i am headed out on a roadtrip…typically, during these situations i drop off for a bit…not this time! do you remember in the good old days when i used to do a bit more sharing? well i am at it again, i can’t wait to share a bit of our days with you through this blog of mine…also, i would love for you to follow along on instagram.

see you tomorrow friends.

xo mrs. french

a lovely contradiction…

June 15, 2016


often times i believe beautiful interiors are all about just the right amount of contradiction…such is the case with this home. this space is dripping in elegance, yet is also completely full of livability. everything comes together in just the right way to create something so special…of course then there are the greens and blues, my favorite colors…especially when put up against white, white, and more white.

spatial code of copenhagen designed this space…love it so much…

128335b80bd3da5c-_1284 ec2943e4b8254a7a-_1299 52b0df3491d68b1c-_1217 Heidi+Lerkenfeldt+—+Natalia+Sánchez+Echevarria-1 53d884b7a1b09744-_1272 Heidi+Lerkenfeldt+—+Natalia+Sánchez+Echevarria-2 Heidi+Lerkenfeldt+—+Natalia+Sánchez+Echevarria-3 40f2e65272f581e0-_1329 cd12073a4c104fc2-_0140 4da9f4ba6d376532-_0131 497ca319b25c619a-_0121

herringbone floors should be easy peasy to install yes? i am thinking i may need them.

xo mrs. french

via coco lapine

source spatial code

photography heidi lerkenfeldt

Beautifully Distracted By The Outdoors

June 10, 2016


via thisispaper

i am preoccupied today to say the least…right outside my window the mister, my father and father in-law are building a deck. i am so excited i could burst. i have been dreaming of a livable, beautiful outdoor space for what seems like forever and it’s happening! i have been perusing pinterest for inspiration and my oh my! i am inspired.


via marion house book and kelly nutt design


via trend and elisabeth heier


via let it be and the marion house book

have i mentioned that i am excited?

xo mrs. french



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