Blissful Corners: Light Locations

April 20, 2017

a blissful corner is a spot to linger. light locations is responsible for some of my very favorite linger-worthy corners. which, of course, only seems natural considering light locations is an agency specializing in spaces to rent out for film based projects…photo or movie. in short, light locations specializes the best photogenic spaces. which is why it only seems natural that my blissful corners post be dedicated to them.

back in the day when photography had been my whole life, it was all about the light. actually, i haven’t veered too far from those days…my inspiration still comes from the light for one reason or another.

enjoy these blissful corners brought to you by light locations….

xo mrs. french

My Happy Place: Carrie Solomon’s Paris Apartment

April 18, 2017

this home/story speaks to me: a midwestern gal moving to paris. i always wanted to be that girl…then life happened and i am perfectly happy to be a midwestern girl transformed over time into a west coast momma through and through. however, i do get a little giddy peeking into the life of someone that fulfilled that whole paris dream. this is the case with food photographer, author and chef carrie solomon. ten years ago carrie started out on a paris adventure that ended up being a pretty permanent situation.

and then there is carrie’s apartment…really so lovely…

a paris adventure still sounds pretty romantic and perfect.

xo mrs. french

source tsf

i ♡ …

April 17, 2017

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

in case you hadn’t noticed, today is monday. as always, i am not completely sure how i feel about the whole monday situation, however, i am quite thrilled with the whole list situation round these parts. i truly loved curating this group of beautiful things…i, of course, would love one of each…does that make me greedy?

love to all…

xo mrs. french

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