Blissful Corners: Bathrooms

May 10, 2017

bo bedre

the bathroom is often neglected here on bliss…actually, i am pretty sure i have never dedicated a whole post to one of the most important rooms in the home. today, the madness stops! all of these lovely blissful corners come from some of my very favorite bathrooms i bump into from time to time on pinterest.

you will also notice that i have yet to share the french residence bathroom…i would love to think it is because we haven’t quite finished it. however, sadly, we haven’t even started.

heather bullard


only deco love

sight unseen

amber interiors

elizabeth roberts

xo mrs. french



My Happy Place: A Renovation by VIF Studio

May 9, 2017

rarely, if ever, have i chose to lead a home interior post with a bedroom…in this case i had to. i love the simplicity of it all. i feel as if i have been deciding which way to go with my bedroom for way too long. this room is a reminder that overthinking is unnecessary. first ideas are usually best, especially when those thoughts involve horses, perfect night tables and just the right bed.

of course, the rest of the house is truly lovely as well. i have serious cabinet envy and have already told the mister that shelves similar to those is this kitchen need to happen around here sooner than later. vif studio a design and management firm out of san francisco is on point with every element of this home…a breath of fresh air.

oh and then there is the whole dog thing. i can never say no to a sweet pup.

xo mrs. french

via est

i ♡ …

May 8, 2017

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it’s monday, however, for the first time in awhile it doesn’t feel like it. obviously, i am feeling as if i may need to start to add some darker pieces into my world…

xo mrs. french

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