emma lamb

it was love at first sight with the always impeccable emma lamb.  i fell head over heels for the beautiful "aggie" and have not been able to come up for air ever since.

the french family home proudly displays two of emma's masterpieces, but would love to incorporate more.  emma makes me wonder if a crocheted sofa is a possibility?  

or perhaps wall to wall crocheted floor coverings...i guarantee you that before finding ms. lamb and her beautiful pieces these thoughts never cross my mind.  however, now, they cross it quite often.

such a lovely, colorful way of adding a warm heirloom to any home...mostly mine, but i am sure a cushion cover or lovely garland would look nice in your abode too...xo mrs. french
i also love how her works of art look on my bliss, thank you emma for decorating it beautifully.

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