happy birthday little t!

i love jewelry. i could spend hours upon hours perusing etsy, looking for the perfect pretty necklace, bracelet or just the right pair of earrings. i give my sister full credit for this. she is the queen of all things dangly and perfect. ever since i can remember i loved going into her room and looking at all of her treasures (and in some cases stealing them). well today is my little sister's birthday, so i thought rather than covet and attempt to bribe her out of a favorite i would present her with 2 new etsy favorites of mine. i am too good to her!

moth house (thank you dear melis, you introduce me to the most magical things):

not bad eh? i love everything here...maybe, just maybe little t (i am the big t) would like one of these on her special day (if i order it today, it isn't late right?)...then when she comes to visit i could wear it, and cleverly hide it and take just the right amount of time to send it back to her...somethings never change. like how much i love you dear, dear sister! xo mrs french (big t)

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