pam and her aprons

i am not sure how the talented pam of pamwares stumbled upon me and my bliss, but i have to say i am so happy she did. i am amazed by the pretty, pretty aprons in pam's shop. actually, her pieces have completely changed my idea of what aprons should look like.

no longer do i look at aprons as frocks to cover my better clothing...pam's pieces make me want to plan a whole outfit around them. chances are whatever these pretty aprons are covering is not nearly as perfect as the apron itself.

i am facinated by pam's sewing and designs skills...i have said it before, i am an angry sloppy sewer. which is why i am so impressed when i come across someone that loves it so much.

i just know she does. you can see the love and attention to detail in each thing pam puts together. you must visit, there are other lovely pamwares as well. pam, thank you so much for sponsoring my bliss and reminding me that loving what you do should naturally shine through...xo mrs. french

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