good morning dear readers...i am having quite the week...i hate to complain, and i try not to display my personal life for all to see, but i have to tell you i have been feeling pretty icky.  this little baby, is making it tough on his/her momma.  it is sometimes hard to find the pretty all around when my head hurts, and my tummy is doing back-flips....i am having a tough time coming up for air.  that said, i am taking today off...just today.  but i will be back refreshed on monday.  i miss my former two posts a day, posting because i can hardly handle all the beauty around me...i miss visiting your beautiful blogs.  i just need a day to exhale, enjoy the sunshine and show b that his momma is more than just a lump that feels awful.  thank you for understanding.  i wouldn't have shared if i didn't think you would understand....just didn't feel right keeping all of this from you.  xo mrs. french

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