alice lane home collection

around this time of year i get so antsy. i want to pack up and go somewhere...anywhere. this time around i have decided i want to make my imaginary destination orem, utah. is it strange that i want to visit a location mainly to visit a beautiful retail establishment? typically, i would find it a bit odd, but not in the case of orem and alice lane home collection.

i also have elaborate daydreams about hiring alice lane design services to help with the sad little french abode...i just know the designers at alice lane would come up with something stunning.

i often peruse the alice lane site placing beautiful things all around me...i am shocked by how much i love absolutely everything. a beautiful classic style, with just enough whimsy. so refined and livable at the same time.

i am pretty sure i cannot talk mr. french into a getaway to alice lane home, so in the mean time i will continue to lose myself in their beautiful site...and for those of us with an obsession for crazy-beautiful blogs you are so in luck! alice lane home has just launched the most lovely design blog. after only a few posts, it has already become one of my new ready to be swept away! xo mrs. french

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