back in the day, when i was pregnant with b i used to slather my big belly in cocoa butter body butter from the body shop. i am not sure how much is genetic and how much is this product, but my belly made it through stretch-mark free.

which is why i chose to start my body butter regimen yet again. this time, however, i ordered the strawberry body butter just because. well today i got out of the tub and put the cocoa body butter on my tummy and the strawberry on the rest of me and the result is yummy...
i accidently created the best chocolate covered strawberry concoction ever. even better, it is subtle...i can't handle over-powering smells, so this works perfect for me.

oh and i think it's important to say that body shop is not a sponsor and i am not an employee...just a gal who likes to smell good as she continues to expand. xo mrs. french

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