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my brilliant friend victoria came up with the brilliant blog it forward. it is the most lovely way of sharing what inspires this magical blogging community with others. my one complaint is that i had to wait until the last day to share (i was so excited you see)...which may explain why my post is so long, lots of time to mull.

thank you stephen from blah, blah, blog! for the introduction yesterday and as far as introducing the next inspired post and inspired blogger...i advice you to curl up with a cup of tea (or yummy glass of wine) and your laptop and click through each and every blog it forward post...we are so lucky to have one another! don't you agree?

my list of inspiration:

photography...especially polaroids:
beautiful words...when you combine both magic happens:
the oregon coast is a constant source of inspiration for me. It is like a giant mind eraser, getting rid of all the mind clutter and stress, allowing all the beauty to creep in.
cameras and has gotten to be a bit ridiculous around here.
simple, useful, clean housewares and beautiful photographs of them...especially those from here or here (thank you victoria).
alicia bock is a huge source of inspiration for me, i credit her with my deep love of photography.
hadley hutton, i would love to have a huge wall of hadley originals...the colors, subjects and methods she uses amaze me.
i love the combination of ultra-feminine with just a touch of pretty.
i am obsessed with denim...jeans, i could not live without them.

i am completely inspired by the beautiful, unique flowers that surround me in my neighborhood...magical gardens all around me.
i am on a constant sofa quest. big, beautiful, over-stuffed sofas!
i can't think of anything more lovely than dining rooms that bring the outdoors in...i think i am particularily smitten because currently my dining room is void of windows.
white, white and more white...with pops of color.
there is something so perfect about beautiful, unexpected spaces for children.
my bicycle. i love looking at it, riding it, and photographing it. i believe it may be my most prized possession.
my kitchen windowsills are always inspiring me to break out the cameras...i expecially love that fact they are usually stocked with bits and baubles my b brings home to me.
my boys. the love i have for them, the love they share for eachother and the pure love i feel from them...a constant source of air.
finally, my baby girl...i don't know her yet, but everything i imagine has my inspirational wheels turning.

xo mrs. french
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