casa angelina

i travel my head. this time of year i get itchy to get on a plane and go somewhere. i am feeling a serious case of urgency this year due to our impending arrival. trust me, i understand the beautiful gift that is a baby, but i also remember how quickly life changes. travel will be a bit tougher for the next year or so.

anyway, i started broaching the subject with the mister. at first i started thinking a long weekend in seattle, vancouver, or san francisco...then i started to think a bit bigger, a spa in sedona, and then my mind exploded and i came up with the amalfi coast! that's it! today that is where i want to go and i want to stay here (it's a dream, i figure the more luxurious the better)...
casa angelina. you see what i mean? of course you do. i have a feeling i will be coming back to this post quite a bit. xo mrs. french