nigella's kitchenware

i am not much of a cook. i can combine a few ingredients together and create something quite yummy, but i rarely do it and by no stretch of the imagination am i a true cook. however, i do find great comfort and joy in the food network. the barefoot contessa and nigella lawson are my holiday away from my humdrum kitchen and tuna fish life. actually, the food is a major reason i tune into these shows, but the atmosphere is what i truly crave. mr. french is also a fan and does admit that if the opportunity presented itself he would in fact leave me for ina garten and sadly, i am ok with that, as long as i could reside in the guest house and have a few scraps tossed my way.

ok, i am completely off course. i just wanted to pop in and say that nigella lawson's line of kitchenware gives me hope. i feel as if a few key pieces from it may give my kitchen atmosphere the boost it needs...
in case there is any question...i am particularly smitten with the blue pieces. so mrs. french

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