polarn o. pyret....and a sweet promo!

there is no shortage of beautiful children's clothing out there. however, sometimes i feel as if we may get too caught up in the pretty and forget about the soft, sensitive skinned little ones wearing those pretty clothes. i also admit that i have inherited a little trait from my mother, where i seem to notice the comfort level of other peoples' little ones around me. i find myself muttering to mr. french "that baby does not look comfortable at all" or "that can't be soft." i feel as if it should be a mission of mine to clothe the world's children in soft, adorable frocks.

which is why i am all about polarn o. pyret. home to soft cotton pieces for little ones...if that isn't sweet enough, each piece is perfectly sweet. p o. p is a swedish brand...how is it that sweden always get it right? established in 1976, polarn obviously has staying power...comfy clothing that is made to be passed down for generations.

i go back to the site often...between dressing b in scratch-free clothing and wrapping my new addition in polarn o. pyret comfort, i believe i could single-handedly keep this swedish masterpiece in business for a long time.

the new spring line (much of it pictured above) is the perfect example of swedish design perfection. i can see it now...the french family living in a beautiful swedish design inspired home, with little ones decked out in p o. p running from perfect room to room. my mind wanders...the added bonus is that my mother would be so proud.

if all of this weren't enough...there is a promo code for bliss readers! just enter "BLISSPOP" from now until friday and receive an extra 25% off and free shipping on orders $50 or more...yippee!

take a stand against scratchiness and binding clothing on our offspring! xo mrs. french

come back later today for another swedish happy place and for goodness sakes, don't forget the cupcakes!