saint cupcake monthly giveaway!

i am sure all of you are aware my love affair with portland's saint cupcake...i even dedicated a complete set of photos to jami and her perfect cupcakes and i busted into her beautiful home with my camera and went a bit crazy!

bliss and saint cupcake are teaming up to start each month in the most delightful way. a saint cupcake giveaway?! you are so spoiled! the chance to get your very own box of cupcakes to your door just because we like you!!!

just go to the saint cupcake takes flight website and dream up your best combination of cake, icing and sprinkles and leave your yummy recipe in your comment below. i will randomly choose a winner on friday. the winner will receive a perfect pack of 6! please make sure to let leave an email address (sorry international friends, the winner must live in the US).

do yourself a favor in the mean time, peruse the saint cupcake site and order a kit of your very own, or if you are feeling generous share the love with someone special...cupcakes up in packs of 3, 6 or 12. i promise you won't be sorry. i personally guarantee that these sweet cupcakes are the yummiest in the world! i should know...i believe i have eaten more than anyone else in the entire world!

oh and as far as winning goes, take comfort in knowing that if you miss out this go around, we will be doing it at the beginning of each month!

thank you dear jami, your generosity is much appreciated!
xo mrs. french