a favor...

a boy and his dog in vancouver
the frenches are about to embark on a journey.  we are leaving our beloved portland for a bit and will be temporarily moving to vancouver, bc.  this is all happening very fast...may.   when i say may, i mean may of this year.  we will need a home for the next 6 months or so.  a furnished home in a nice neighborhood for the mister, myself and our beloved b, new little girl and casey dog too.  if you know of such a place, please, please contact me or if you know of someone who has a connection please forward this post to them.  

i just received the news last night...it's all very new.  i am not going to lie, i am so scared.  we haven't had time to share with most of our friends and family, please don't be upset...i will talk to all of you very soon.  i just had to get a grasp on this whole home situation to make things a lot easier to swallow....a spoon full of sugar and all of that.  

xo mrs. french