truth time...i love dresses. you all know this. i love to feature them on bliss, actually, often times i purchase them hang them on my rolling rack (that's right, no closet...that story is for another day)...i have on occasion taken photos of them, but i rarely wear them. i am coming clean: i rarely wear dresses. i am not fully sure why that is. i think it goes back to being small and wearing dresses for "special occasions." dresses always seemed like a production of sorts. a completely irrational, goofy way at looking at the dress, but this has to be where my actions come from.

i am thinking this summer i may make a change...wear dresses on a regular basis...

can i please tell you how much i love these pretty frocks by danish designer, hanne graumann. beautiful in every way, don't you agree?

if by chance i chicken out and resort to my beloved pants and blouse combos this summer, graumann also has some beautiful pant options as well ...

i love sharing with my bliss readers...i don't know what i would do without all of you. xo mrs. french

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