my happy place: a loved space

i spend a great deal of time hating on the home that i have or wishing we could move to my dream space. sadly, my home is unloved. i can't help but think that because of this, my where-we-live looks just that way...unloved.

which is why when i see a home that is so obviously cared for and loved so much it is spilling out the doors and windows, i take notice. which is why i am particularly drawn to this well-loved space. can't you just feel it? the care, and time that went into choosing everything...from the colors and furniture to each and every item that is lucky enough to grace a well thought out shelf.

i don't know karen, i have never been to her enticing shop, but i feel like i want to after glimpsing this tour on apartment therapy.

because of karen's corner of the world i have been inspired to come to an agreement with my space...i will learn to care for it a bit more, remove clutter, and highlight bits that mean something. if in the process, i grow to love it a little bit, then so be it. xo mrs. french
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