my happy place: aran's way with rhubarb

i have always had a grand love for the loveliest aran of cannelle et vanille.  i am sure most of you know her and adore her just as i do.  however, since i have come into my condition with a wee one on the way my love has grown.  i guess it could be said that i have been a bit obsessed as of late.
which is why today when i stopped by i became even more giddy than usual...i have developed a huge craving for yummy rhubarb sweets.  i know that aran would do rhubarb like no one else.  "lemon and buttermilk sherbet, stewed rhubarb and financiers"...sounds divine doesn't it?  

i am also awaiting a post from our aran with a little something extra...secrets revealed.  how does ms. aran balance all she does with her new, sweet, little girl and adorable son?  how does she manage to concoct what she does, put it to writing and photograph it in a way that brings me to my knees?  something to ponder on.
xo mrs. french

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