saint cupcake takes flight monthly giveaway!

it's time, yet again...
the monthly saint cupcake takes flight giveaway! i actually can't believe how these posts affect me...i know that now, today, i will have to stop by and get my very own. they are too wonderful for words.

the beauty of this giveaway is that you have a chance to have 6 of the yummiest cupcakes delivered to your doorstep. keep in mind you have to follow the instructions perfectly to qualify:
stop by the saint cupcake site, visit the menu and tell me which menu item strikes you as the most dreamy...don't forget to leave an email address and that's it...the winner will be chosen friday afternoon!

good luck! xo mrs. french

p.s. in the mean time send a very favorite person in your life some yummy cupcakes!

psst....don't forget your email address!!!!!!