the vintage wedding dress company

i loved my wedding. i am still pretty smitten with the mister after all of these years and have fond memories of our special days (yes, more than one...another story for another time). however, i do wish i could do it one more time (with the same guy. this time doing it up with all of the discoveries i have made while posting on my bliss. i also have to say, i have been so inspired by the giddiness of a real life friend/bride-to-be. miss kathryn has me looking harder at nuptial wares than i have in over a decade. which is how i discovered one of the most beautiful bridal sites in the world (i do fully believe this).

the vintage wedding dress company specializes in exactly what the name suggests. the site is a feast for the eyes...i especially love the vintage section that is arranged my decade:

of course the impeccable styling, pretty models and dreamy photography doesn't hurt much either.

unfortunately, for the stateside bride these lovely dresses are not sold online and can only be purchased by setting up an appointment at the vintage wedding dress company in london. which actually, may not be such a bad thing. xo mrs. french

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