i heart monday.

hello friends, i hope you all had the most wonderful weekend.  i really did.  mother's day was magical...mr. french baked a pie!  i could elaborate, but feel as if the action really speaks for itself...oh and it was strawberry rhubarb!  my favorite!  b told me that today could be mother's day too if i really wanted it to be...i feel pretty darn lucky!

i hope you enjoy my list...
i heart this watch.
i heart this basket.
i heart this top.
i heart this wooden rug.
i heart this "noonie."
i heart these sandals.
i heart these cargo pants.
i heart these bracelets.
i heart these earrings.
i heart these "cellars."
i heart these blankets.
i heart these lamps (thank you dear elsa).
i heart these beautiful shoes.
i heart this dress.
i heart these glasses.
i heart this desk.
i heart this henley.
i heart this fish.
i heart this dress too.

have a happy monday!  xo mrs. french